Best places to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey

One of the most celebrated holidays is approaching fast. For all those who are in the middle of the packing and moving process, this will be a stressful time. By the time you arrive at your destination, you will need to have your Halloween costume well prepared, if you are planning to join the festivities. In this article, we will try and give some advice on where and how to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey. For all of you moving to the Garden State, the following information will be very useful. For the least stressful experience of moving, make sure to hire some of the best moving companies NJ has to offer. With professionals on your side, each moving experience is better and smoother. While they pack your things you can have time for other important errands. One of them is picking out your Halloween outfit for this year.

How to prepare for celebrating Halloween in New Jersey?

Preparation will more or less depend on your age and affinities. If you are a parent, then costumes for the kids will be your main priority. Kids adore this holiday because of so many sweets they can collect in trick-or-treating ritual. Have the costumes ready before your departure to New Jersey. With all the unpacking and cleaning you will not have time to make or buy the costumes. Pick them out before the move, but bring them with you, rather than having your interstate movers NJ move them. Costumes can easily break if they are made out of sensitive and fragile materials, so best find a special box only for these. Your kids will be so grateful that they will be able to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey, despite the recent relocation. Adults can always rent costumes for themselves, so this can wait for your arrival in NJ.

Girl dressed as a wizard in a field, with a green smoke coming out of the cauldron
If you have kids, their costumes should be your priority as they are so looking forward to this holiday

History of Halloween

As you already know Halloween happens on 31st October each year. What you might not know is that it originated from a Celtic festival Samhain. On Samhain, people would light bonfires and wear costumes in order to scare away the ghosts. In the eighth century, November 1st became All Saints Day, so the October 31st was known as All Hallows Even, later named Halloween. In time, this holiday became what it is now. The traditions of trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, and eating sweets, came much later. When Halloween came to America, it was pretty much limited to the colony of New England because of the Protestant beliefs there. The customs of American Indians and European ethnicities started to merge at some point, which brought the first signs of the American version of Halloween.

Best places to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey

Each year, there are a lot of festivities and events related to Halloween. This year, the number might decrease due to COVID19 and all the precautions necessary. But no need to worry, there will still be fun activities for you and your family, so choose wisely. You are obliged to wear a mask each day anyway, so make the most of it, but making a costume that will have some sort of a mask over your face for protection. If you have some stuff in storage Montclair NJ that you might use for the costume, better hurry up and get it.

Simple neighborhood trick-or-treating is one of the ways to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey

With kids under 8 years of age, it might be best to keep it low this year. Have the kids all dressed up, and prepare the buckets for collecting the sweets. The costumes do not need to be extraordinary, as young kids just like dressing up, no matter what it is. They will be happy to look different or scary, so no need to splash out on expensive pieces from designated stores. With a little bit of imagination, you can find some stuff you need in the garage or attic, or even your storage unit. This will be just one of the occasions where you will see the benefits of long terms storage rental in NJ.

Kids in costumes trick-or-treating as a way to celebrate Halloween in New Jersey
For kids under 8 years old, it might be best to just stick to neighborhood trick-or-treating

Scary and not so scary events

Based on your preference you can choose to visit scary haunted houses, farms, and mills or something less scary, but still fun. As an adult without kids, there are a few different options. Some of your friends might even throw a house party, with mandatory costumes, which is always fun. In some towns, people turn their homes into an incredible delight, with some amazing decorations. During the tours through these homes, remind your kids to be extra careful with the decoration, as people invest a lot of money in this, The best way to support is to pitch in if you see donation bins. Some other towns turn their streets into massive block parties, which is another way of having enormous fun.

Skeletons and ghosts decoration
A lot of homes during Halloween turn into haunted houses with amazing decorations

Each county has its own trademark when celebrating Halloween in New Jersey

Check out any of the following places for Halloween and you will not regret it

  • Bergen county – if you live in this county or plan on going there for the holidays, Fort Lee and Hackensack are your desired destinations. In Fort Lee, you will come across balloon sculpting, face painting, and live music. In Hackensack, Clinton House if where you want to be, as nearly all houses are decorated over the top
  • Passaic County – Martorana house in Wayne, on 396 Fairfield Road, has over 200 inflatables on one lawn. Children will absolutely love it here. Let’s not forget the capital, Jersey City, where festivities are held between 3 and 7 PM on 31st, at the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall
  • Morris County – the Dead and Breakfast Inn at 100 Ridgedale Avenue, in Madison, takes the Halloween decorations to a really whole another level.
  • Union County – many places in this county you should not miss if you are from this area. Only some of them are Herning Avenue in Cranford, Maple Avenue in Rahway, and Dudley Avenue in Westfield

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