Best places to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022

Bergen is the most populous county in New Jersey, so no wonder you are thinking of moving there. It has a lot to offer and many areas, so it can be difficult to choose among the best places to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022. If you have decided to take this step, don’t forget that moving can be extremely stressful and Gibraltar Van Lines can help you a lot in that process. They are professionals specialized in moving to New Jersey, so they definitely know the territory. Here are the places we recommend if you are buying a house in Bergen County in 2022:

  • Ridgewood
  • Ho-Ho-Kus
  • Glen Rock
  • Haworth

Define your needs before choosing a place to buy a house in Bergen County

The first thing that you should do is define what exactly you want from your relocation. Is it a quiet neighborhood, good schools, party places, etc.? By narrowing down your choice, you get to focus on the best place to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022. Also, you should think about your moving process and plan accordingly. There are different factors that influence the cost of moving. Some of them are the number of belongings, distance, or some special requirements or services. The best way to start this process is by talking to professionals and movers North Bergen NJ can definitely help you and answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will make sure your moving goes smoothly and stress-free!

A weighing scale with two question marks
Define what is important to you before looking at the best places to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022


Ridgewood is definitely one of the places to consider if you want to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022. It is close to Manhattan, and it offers a great public transportation system. This means you can easily drop by and visit your favorite locations. Furthermore, Ridgewood offers access to plenty of parks, many restaurants, and some highly rated schools, which can be important if you are planning (or having) a family.

On the other hand, Ridgewood is quite a pricey location. The average home value in the area stands at an enormous $716,400, with rental prices averaging $1,981 a month. However, this hasn’t stopped people from flocking here each year and calling Ridgewood home.


Ho-Ho-Kus is a small town of only 4,132 residents in Bergen County, but it is considered one of the best places to live in Bergen County.

The major downside to it is a high cost of living – even a bit more than Ridgewood with an average value of around $723,000. It can be considered expensive for most people, but that is the price to pay if you want an area with the best schools in New Jersey, a low crime rate, and many outdoor activities. If you are wondering how much would it cost to move here you can use our free moving quote to calculate the exact price of your move. You can easily fill out a form, and we will make sure to get back to you with an estimated price.

Park in New Jersey in Autumn
Bergen County offers many outdoor activities and that can be important when choosing the right place for you

Glen Rock

Glen Rock is a very quiet and safe neighborhood where you don’t have to worry about walking at night. It is famous for its warm and welcoming community, where most of the residents are kind and friendly. And why shouldn’t they be? There are many beautiful parks, a variety of public services, and low crime rates. This can definitely be one of the places to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022!


In Haworth, you can enjoy the quiet, but also beautiful and unique homes. Many people overlook it, but it has everything you need, excellent local schools, an amazing library, and more importantly an outstanding community. People here are dedicated volunteers, and you would be surprised by the amount of work they do each month.

Four volunteers sitting in probably some of the best places to buy a house in Bergen County
A great community is definitely something you can expect in Bergen County, NJ

Prepare your relocation  after choosing a place to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022

Bergen has many positive sides- it is one of the healthiest counties, a great place for young couples, and the third-best county for public schools. It is definitely a smart choice, considering the fact it is close to New York, but not as noisy and overcrowded. If you have made this choice, you definitely won’t regret it. Some things that you should take into consideration when relocating:

  • Decide on a moving date — decide when is the best time for you to move. Take into account your job commitments, end of a lease agreement, children’s school schedule, etc. You should also keep in mind the time of the year. Moving in the peak season can cost you much more than moving in a less busy period of the year.
  • Set up a budget- you have to know how much money you need. Also, what are some things to spend money on- packing supplies, moving services, travel costs, etc. The more realistic and efficient your moving budget, the fewer financial risks you’re going to face during your relocation adventure.
  • Create a timeline– similar to planning a budget, you should also create a timeline of your relocation. You should prioritize the tasks according to their importance, difficulty, and urgency. A moving timeline is, in fact, a comprehensive to-do list with every major relocation task broken into achievable goals.
  • Hire a moving company- having to relocate can bring a lot of stress! It is definitely something that you should prepare for in advance. Our Bergen County movers happen to be the best in the business, and they are well experienced when it comes to moving to New Jersey. They are exactly what you need – reliable, professional, and careful with your possessions. The only thing left is for you to make a choice of the best places to buy a house in Bergen County for 2022!

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