Best NJ places for first-time homebuyers

Buying a first home is not a thing which you should take easily. After all, you are solving a big problem and you will most likely live there for lots of years. When we talk about New Jersey as a whole, we can say that there are pretty great places you should consider. We are going to give you an insight into some of the best NJ places for first-time homebuyers. So, do not start looking for movers West Orange NJ just yet. First, decide on where you want to live and then do everything else!

What are the best NJ places for first-time homebuyers?

  • Princeton
  • Robbinsville
  • Beckett


We could say that Princeton is certainly one of the great places in NJ to buy a home in. As we all know, Princeton University is located there and it gives it a much better look. More and more people are moving here every year. When it comes to real estate, we could say that everything depends. It mostly depends on your location. If you are more out of the core of the place, you will pay less. So, if you are fond of this city, be sure to find reliable people, like Gibraltar Van Lines, that will transfer all your items safely. After all, you want everything to go smoothly when buying your first home in New Jersey.

a princeton university - NJ places for first-time home buyers
Moving to Princeton is a great choice when buying a home for the first time


We have to include Robbinsville in this list of great NJ places for people that are buying their first home. It is a smaller community with around 3000 residents. That means that you will lead a much quieter life. But, you will get a much better price for the real estate and that is certainly the most important thing here. So, no matter where you are moving from, you can contact experienced movers Newark NJ that will handle any type of move that you need.


Another great place for first-time homebuyers is Beckett. It is also a smaller community but most people own their homes. There are many Beckett homes for sale that you can choose from and settle. It is a place which is rated high due to its great schools where your kids can get a proper education.

But, finding a home is one thing and moving there another. Moving costs NJ can be high so you will have to choose wisely if you want to save some money. Of course, it is always better to go with professionals but if you think that you can handle everything on your own, you can always try it!

When moving to New Jersey, be sure to have the right support!

You do not want anything to get in the way of your first move to your first home. Finding movers is easy but filtering is another thing you should focus on. Not all of them are experienced to move all items. For example, moving art is better done with the help of fine art movers NJ because they are specialized in this area. It is the same for other special items. Be sure to find the company that will handle the move just right!

a man with crossed arms
Pick the right movers when moving to New Jersey


Of course that there are many more NJ places for first-time homebuyers but we wanted to filter and give you some that we find best. New Jersey is full of places that will be suitable for you and your family so be sure to dedicate time to this matter because the choice is big!

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