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Moving to a new place is all about trust. You need to trust in yourself that you made the right choice moving to Bergen County, New Jersey. You have to believe in the packaging of your possessions to protect it from all ill effects that might occur on the road. And finally, you have to have trust in the reliability of your choice of expert Bergen County movers. It is a simple fact of life that moving, while so common, is simply not a very pleasant experience. And while you should feel the rush of new opportunities and a brand new chapter in life you will have when you move to Bergen County, sometimes the stress of reallocating your whole life can simply get the best of you.

To avoid this, you have to have trust in your professional movers. Have confidence in us, one of the very best moving companies in NJ. Let us explain precisely why we are the very best choice you can pick for your New Jersey relocation.

Our trucks are equipped to handle any move, no matter how unique or challenging.
With our Bergen County movers to support you, you will have nothing to worry about.

Trustworthy and experienced Bergen County movers

Gibraltar van lines have earned the trust of consumers over the years. We were founded in 1973, and all those years of experience we used to prove ourself as reliable and trustworthy. With more than four decades of hands-on experience, we think we have a pretty good hold on what makes a good moving company.

  1. A reliable moving company, such as ours, has to have its own equipment. A lot of moving companies lease equipment, storage, or even crews of others. We pride ourselves in having full-time workers and our own logistical capabilities and storage facilities. Through every step of the way, we can guarantee quality because we own everything we work with.
  2. Experience, unlike equipment, cannot be bought. Our Bergen County moverslike all of our local movers, have years of experience. They know all the roads they are using and will always relocate you in the most optimal way possible!
  3. Good communication is a pillar on which any intricate work is done. Relocation being such a demanding event for our client. We make sure to communicate every detail to them and do anything they request in the way that they have asked for.

Simply put, all of these factors is why Gibraltar Van Lines can guarantee levels of quality rarely seen. Furthermore, we are still small enough to be close and affordable to our consumers while still being big enough to provide anything they may need. We are not trying to break your budget and unnecessarily increase moving costs NJ. It is the mission of our Bergen County movers to create not only professional but also affordable services for the fair people of New Jersey, our customers.

Local moves at your service

With local moving, it is vital to take it seriously. While it is undoubtedly more comfortable to do, then a long-distance or an interstate move, local moves still require skill and professionalism. If you choose our moves, we can guarantee the service of licensed professionals. Your possessions will be transported safely and as fast as possible. That is because of our technical capabilities, which we never lack. But also because of the exceptional dedication of our workers. They are all locals.  They know the place they are operating in. Because of this Bergen County movers are very intimately familiar with the local area they act upon.

Every one-way street, available parking, a shortcut, or a place to avoid – our NJ local moving experts will make sure that you use the most optimal route possible.

Making sure to move you to your new home

We understand the sanctity of a home. There is no place like home – but your home can be at any place you feel at ease. That is why it is essential to have the stuff you like – your possessions – at your new apartment, house, or a condo. And it is our job to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are just moving a short way-away, or hiring our experienced long distance movers NJ. The only important thing is that our Bergen County movers take the utmost care of your possessions.

Residential moves
Are you moving to a new home? Choose our professional Bergen County movers!

Over the long years of successful moves, we perfected the techniques of moving not only furniture and home appliances but especially valuable and prized possession such as fragile trophies, porcelain items, expensive Persian rugs, etc. We never commit to a job we are not completely assured we can do! And that is why you will always have your home safe and secure in your new place.

With us, reallocation is not leaving one home for another – it is just moving it to a new chapter!

Very best packing and storage

With packing being a complicated yet crucial part of any relocation, our Bergen County movers will provide you with any packing services you required. And, just the same as with everything else we provide here too we guarantee quality! We use only the very best packing materials and techniques, making sure that any item, no matter how fragile, will not suffer any ill consequences of the road!

Storage units are part of the expertise our Bergen County movers offer
We have storage facilities that will be perfect for you!

For the items, you simply don’t have any room left in your life, and yet you cannot sell to anyone and see no use or possibility of donation, there is always an option for storage. As previously mentioned, Gibraltar Van Lines holds its own storage facilities that are secure and climate-controlled, meaning that your items are safe from both burglars and moisture and other ill effects of the climate.

Contact us!

What it all comes down is that our Bergen County movers can be trusted. They, like all Gibraltar Van Lines movers, are full-time, experienced, licensed professionals. That means that we stand by what we do with full responsibility and liability. Hiring us at affordable prices means hiring the best service you can find.

And don’t let it be just this page that convinces you! Contact us and see for yourself. Our staff is always ready and willing to answer all your questions. Free estimates can be provided as well, and you can see many grateful customers upon our reviews. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and start planning your move to Bergen County!


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Excellent service.We moved across town last week and these guys did a great job. Max, Qua, Rob and Tito were professional and courteous and above all very careful with all our belongings. Will happily recommend them to friends and family.

Clayton Love

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