Benefits of starting a business in North Bergen

One of the things that you always want to know before starting a business is whether or not you are doing it in the right area. If you are relocating to New Jersey and are wondering whether or not North Bergen is a good place for your business then you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to talk about some of the main benefits of starting a business in North Bergen, NJ. In addition to this, we are also going to mention why it is important to contact professional movers North Bergen NJ when relocating your business to assist you. 

The main benefits of starting a business in NJ

The Grow NJ program

Starting a new business in a new territory can be quite a challenge. On top of that, you may already be slightly down on a budget after your office movers NJ have relocated your business. However, the state of NJ has an excellent program for start-up companies. The aim of this program is to make the state of NJ competitive in the global marketplace. So, how exactly does it work? Well, mainly, you can benefit from tax credits and job creation and retention. Therefore, new businesses can be eligible for tax credits that range from $500 to $5.000 per job, per year. Additionally, there is also a bonus credit that ranges from $250 to $3.000 per job, per year. This really is an amazing opportunity and a great boost for your start-up company in New Jersey.

Credit boost as Benefits of starting a business in North Bergen
One of the best benefits of starting a business in North Bergen, New Jersey, is the fact that you are eligible for Grow NJ program.

Sales and use Tax Exemption Program

Another advantage that you have with a start-up company is the STX program or the Tax Exemption program. A start-up company in New Jersey will be able to enter the Tax Exemption program if it makes a purchase of various equipment and machinery or furniture and flooring used for the project. This program ensures a great boost to any company that is just starting a new business or a project. Of course, planning your new NJ office layout is not easy and you should first focus on setting up the essential equipment used for the project so that it is eligible for this program.

Limited Liability

Registering a new business in New Jersey comes with many benefits. One of the benefits that you get for registering a new business is limited liability. This essential means limited liability protection where claimants can sue the LLC and not the owner or investors. Speaking of registering a new business and a new company, if you register an S Corporation or firm in New Jersey, you will not pay any income tax.

Business Incentives

There are a variety of business incentives available to new start-up companies in New Jersey. The two that we are going to look at are the most popular. Let’s go over them.

  • Premier Lender Program. Financing options are important. The Premier Lender Program is a financing option perfect for new businesses in NJ. It is a low-cost financing option that allows start-up companies to receive a loan of up to $2million dollars or up to $1.5 million in loan guarantees on fixed assets.
  • Garden State Growth Zone Business Lease Incentive. An excellent program good for both new companies and well-established ones as well.
A woman looking through the window.
Researching incentives in NJ is important as they can really help you get your business started after you’ve moved there.

North Bergen’s main benefits for new business

While we have covered some general benefits of starting a business in NJ, let us take a close look at North Bergen. This is a perfect place if you are looking to relocate your business to NJ because of its great options and opportunities. First of all, the basics. North Bergen is a diverse, friendly township in Hudson County, New Jersey. It is a safe and affordable area that has an excellent community. However, let us take a look at its main benefits when it comes to starting a business.

The local economy is growing

The very first thing you will want to look at when starting a new business is the economy of the area. Luckily, North Bergen is an urban enterprise zone filled with a thriving economy that is on an upward trajectory. In order to stimulate economic growth, The New Jersey State of Affairs is constantly encouraging new business in this area.

The location

Having a business starting and growing in North Bergen is great for numerous reasons. However, the biggest advantage might just be its perfect location. North Bergen is close to both Manhattan and Jersey City. This truly means a lot for a new business recently set up by your reliable local movers NJ and constantly looking for new customers and places to expand and grow too. Close proximity to New York City is no small thing and the location of North Bergen could not be better for expanding your business across the Hudson River. 

NYC across the river.
North Bergen is in very close proximity to Manhattan and is just across the Hudson River. Expanding your business to NYC will be easy.

Ready to relocate your business? Contact professional movers to assist you

Moving a business can be both risky and complicated. Therefore, it is important to not only plan everything in advance but also have reliable movers to help you throughout your process of commercial relocation. Professional movers in NJ such as Gibraltar Van Lines can assist you with numerous different moving services. Furthermore, they will tackle the key moving-related issues and tasks while you get to focus on your business and how to set it up properly. With a good organization and reliable movers, you will relocate your business in no time and enjoy the growing economy of North Bergen.

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