Benefits of long term storage rental in NJ

We’ve all at some point wished we had more space for all our belongings. Maybe you just have a lot of clutter and nowhere to put it. Or maybe your home is too small for all your valuable furniture that you don’t want to let go of. Whatever the reason, renting a storage unit can be the solution. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be just a temporary one – you can easily rent a storage unit long-term as well! In fact, long term storage rental in NJ comes with many benefits. And as experts on moving and storage NJ, we know better than anyone just how useful long term storage can be. So we’ve decided to share all the pros and cons of this type of storage in order to help you make the right decision.

When should you consider long term storage rental in NJ?

Long term storage is not the perfect solution all of the time. Sometimes, you’ll need short term storage instead. If you’re moving locally, for example, movers Roseland NJ work fast so you won’t need to keep your things in storage for very long before you arrive at your new address. Other times, storage in general will just be a waste of money. If you’re just storing old things that you’re not going to use again, for example, you might as well simply get rid of them. So when is it a good idea to rent storage space for a longer period of time?

  • you should get storage Montclair NJ long-term if you’re downsizing and have nowhere to put your belongings
  • consider long term rental if you move or travel a lot and don’t want to pack and move all of your stuff every time
  • for large collections of things you don’t use regularly, long term storage is perfect
  • you can use long term storage for documents if you’re running a business and don’t want a cluttered office
  • long term storage is excellent for all your seasonal belongings like holiday decorations, winter sports equipment, and the like
Couple discussing long term storage rental in NJ.
If you’re moving into a smaller home, you can preserve your belongings in storage.

Why is long term storage rental in NJ a good idea?

Renting storage in NJ long term has many benefits compared to short term storage or no storage at all. Since you’re typically renting the unit for at least a couple of months, you most likely won’t need it when you’re renovating or moving. But in some situations, these benefits are plenty enough to convince you to contact a local storage provider.

You’ll have a secure place to put your belongings away

Long term storage is typically very secure. Most units available for long term rental in NJ are indoor units with locks, security cameras and even guards. So if you have some valuables you don’t want to keep at home or just need a safe place to put your belongings, long term storage can be the perfect solution. It provides you with extra space outside of the home that still ensures your possessions are as safe as can be.

You won’t have to worry about maintenance

When you’re paying for long term storage, you’re not just paying for the space. You’re also paying for all the work that goes into maintaining that space. In addition to good security measures, most storage providers also offer climate control, pest control, and cleaning for units that are rented long term. This means you’ll only need to grab some moving boxes, pack up, and leave your stuff in storage. After that, there’s not much to worry about.

Person mopping.
Your storage provider might offer cleaning services so you don’t have to worry about that.

It pays off to rent for longer periods of time

You can extend short term storage rental almost indefinitely. So it’s possible to keep your things in short term storage for a long while too. But this will cost more. If you know that you’re going to need your storage unit for a while, it’s cheaper to rent long term than short term. So you’ll be saving money with long term rental!

Good for people who move a lot

If you have a more transient lifestyle where you move or travel a lot, it’s best not to try and take all your belongings with you every time. Instead, you can donate or sell the things you don’t really need and store the rest. This gives you the freedom to change addresses whenever you feel like because you don’t have a lot to pack but also allows you to keep your belongings for when you decide to settle down.

Are there any downsides to long term storage rental in NJ?

As we’ve already discussed, there are some situations where short term storage is the better option. But are there some inherent downsides to long term storage as well regardless of your reasons for renting a unit? The answer is yes because nothing is without flaws.

Less accessible than short term storage

Since long term storage usually includes some form of extra services, you might not be able to access it 24/7. Often, you’ll need to let your storage provider know that you want to access your unit at least a day in advance. When you’re renting short term, on the other hand, you usually just get a key that you can use to access your unit whenever you want. If constant and unpredictable access is important to you, long term storage might not be the right choice.

Keys on a desk.
You’ll be able to access short term storage at any time.

Less flexible contracts than short term storage

If you’re not sure how long you’ll need storage for, you’re better off with a short term rental. Short term storage contracts are usually more flexible. You can let them lapse at the end of the month if you no longer need extra space. Or you can extend them if you do want to keep using the unit. Long term storage rental usually assumes a contract of at least three months if not longer. Getting out of this contract early might cost you extra. Or you can end up paying for space you’re not actually using.

Finding the right storage provider is a must

It’s always important to work with reliable, dependable, and reputable moving and storage companies. But when it comes to long term storage rental in NJ, this is absolutely essential. Since the company will be in charge of providing and maintaining the space and you’ll have to work with them for an extended period of time, you need someone you can trust. So do your research and avoid scams!

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