Benefits of Living in Verona, NJ

Verona, New Jersey, is a quaint little township that provides much of the benefits of its more expensive neighbors, while allowing you to save money. Living in Verona, NJ is an affordable, yet pleasant and safe experience. It has good public schools and provides you with lots of opportunities for family activities. Many parks and historic buildings are located within the area.

What to think about

If you are thinking of moving to Verona, contact moving companies NJ. They can give you detailed information about the locale, like:

  • What the benefits of living in Verona are
  • The general real-estate costs
  • Quality of the schools are like
  • What other activities the area provides


Verona is unlike some surrounding neighborhoods when it comes to pricing. Consequently, you can get fair real-estate prices in Verona. Living in Verona offers similar benefits to the more affluent New Jersey communities, at half the price. To buy or rent property in neighboring communities you will have to outbid your competitors. In Verona, you can be safe in the knowledge that houses go for their asking price. If you are thinking of moving to Verona, try hiring local movers Verona NJ. You will get a fair price and are guaranteed professional service. Furthermore, the taxes you will pay as Verona residents are substantially lesser than in other areas.

Woman on wall.
Verona is more affordable than its neighbors.

Schools and Other Activities

The Verona Township offers some of the best public schools in the NJ area. You will have no trouble enrolling your children in extracurricular activities. You kids can have many hobbies, like choir, band, or theatre. Residents of Verona have access to a refurbished library, that offers many free programs. Depending on your or your children’s interests, you can join a multitude of private academies in the area. Professionals work in the schools and academies. They will make sure your children have a quality education. Because of the size of Verona, the commute to the schools won’t be long.

Community Centres

One of the top destinations in Verona is its community pool. You will find lots of families spend their summers cooling off there. Also, it is popular among both children and adults. The pool is surrounded by a small park with picnic tables and playgrounds. Imagine it as a free-for-all country club. The Hilltop Reservation and Eagle Rock Reservation are a part of the Verona Township. These are two of the most popular parks, but there are many more. Therefore, there are many nature outlets you can find living in Verona, NJ.

Benefits of living in Verona, NJ.
Enjoy the many parks in Verona, NJ.

Historic Landmarks

There are many historic communities within the township. Most of the houses in the famous Afterglow neighborhood were built in the 1920s and ’30s. Essex county colonial architecture is preserved in certain places. Check out Enos Martin house to get a glimpse of how it was living in the 18th century. Living in Verona, NJ will provide you many such opportunities. You can even find a park with a 1900s replica of a medieval Norman castle – Kip’s Castle Park. Where else can you find historic Americana, replicating medieval architecture? At first, it might be overwhelming to find the right place to settle. Contact movers Essex County NJ – they know all the famous sites and can be the first step in your search.

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