Benefits of living in Millburn NJ

New Jersey is a great place to live. Not only for single people but for families too. With its many townships and different neighborhoods, it offers a lot of benefits. For this reason, a lot of people are drawn to this state. But one community stands above the others. And that is the Millburn township in Essex County. If you are looking for a quiet and beautiful place to escape your busy city life, this is the right township for you. But at the same time here you will never get bored. So if you are still not sure, movers NJ would like to share a few tips on why living in Millburn NJ is so attractive. We hope they will help you to make the right choice.

A short commute is the number one reason so many decide to move to Millburn

If you work in New York, finding a quiet and peaceful place to live is a number one priority. But that is almost impossible to get inside the city limits. No wonder that so many people decide to commute to their work from afar. But unlike other places, movers Millburn NJ have seen a drastic increase of people looking to relocate here. And one of the major reasons is a good connection to the city. From New York Penn Station, it takes only 45 minutes by train to Millburn station. Also, the great thing about living in Millburn NJ is that it has multiple stations with only a mile or two distance between them. Therefore instead of needlessly spending money on two hour drives and rush hours, many opt for public transportation.

a woman standing on a station and the moving train in front of her
The commute by train to NY is quite short compared to other places

The cost of living in Millburn NJ is lower than in New York City

Working in NY is awesome but living there is another story. Since the housing prices are one of the most expensive ones in the whole of the USA, no wonder then that so few can afford it. However, one of the solutions is to work here but live a bit further away. And Millburn is an excellent answer to all your financial troubles. There is even an increase of business owners hiring office movers NJ. Because renting an office space in Millburn is considerably lower than in New York. The same is with prices for residential properties. Often you can find a decent size home for a price of a single-bedroom apartment in NY. Also, by living in Millburn, you will avoid the high city tax.

A good education system is why so many people buy a home in Millburn

If you have kids, then you need to think about the quality of education they will have. And in most cases, this is a major reason why some decide that a place is not good enough for settling. Because if they make a mistake, they are putting the future of their kids at risk.  However, in Millburn, the education system is in the top 10 in the USA. It is why so many people are making a long distance move because of it. For this is one of the rare places where the state puts a big emphasis on education. So you can be sure that a public school in Millburn will put your child’s needs above everything else.

a child in class sitting and writing in a notebook
Living in Millburn NJ is great for families because the schools here are the best in the country

Life in Millburn is never boring

People who enjoy the vibrancy of big cities tend to avoid suburban areas. Because usually, they are more family-oriented. Which for younger people means that there is not much to do. But if you enjoy restaurants and a healthy dose of nightlife coupled with a quiet neighborhood, then Millburn is a place for you. In other words, this small township has a perfect blend of urban and suburban that is perfect for every generation. Unlike other places, of a similar size, it has a couple of downtown areas where you will have plenty of choices for day-to-day activities. So if you enjoy great food, there are a number of restaurants with foods from all over the world. Like for example, the Italian cuisine in Basilico, located in Short Hills. Also, if you enjoy music, there are many live concerts at SOPAC in South Orange.

Millburn is heaven for nature lovers

Living in a big city can be a problem for people who enjoy spending time in nature. Often they have to travel long distances to enjoy some quiet time in a forest. Because no matter how big the city park is, there will always be constant traffic noise. But you can satisfy all your needs by relocating to Millburn. For it has quite an abundance of parks and reserves. For example, there is a Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary in Short Hills that is a perfect spot for bird lovers. And if you enjoy hiking and exploring forest trails, go to the South Mountain Reservation. Since both of these places are of a decent size, you can spend the whole day having fun with the family.

a park with trees and a bench
Nature lovers will enjoy having a home in Millburn

You will not be disappointed with life in Millburn NJ

Living in Millburn NJ will be one of the best decisions you make in life. Because for one thing, this is one of the safest places in the country. Making it perfect for raising a family. Secondly, out of all the neighborhoods in New Jersey, this one has the highest number of students with top scores. Also, if you are working in NY, Millburn is just a short commute away. So you can save a lot of money on buying a home outside of the expansive city zone. Therefore you can be sure that life here will bring you a lot of benefits.

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