Apps that can help you organize and pack for moving out -simple guide

Now, when we are living in the digital age, information is all around us. When we open our eyes, we are taking the phone and scrolling down in so many apps. In this digital era, information is craving to be readen and understood.  Radio stations, TV programs, breaking news, newspaper, books, magazines are just one part of this big information era. There is an app for everything you need in your life, so why you don’t take that advantage. We can just say ”Thanks” for the technological progress, it’s doubtless way up easier now. So, we are going to talk about apps that can help to organize and pack for moving out.

The market of the apps is enormous, so you need to decide which app is the best choice for you and your needs. There are apps that help you to organize, help you to pack, help with finding a reputable moving company, helps you to make a list of needs. Like they said: ”There is an app for that”.

Here you can check a list of the most popular apps for moving organizations:

  • Move Advisor
  • Google keep
  • Sortly
  • Unpakt
  • Handy

social network apps

    In-App Store you can find an app for everything you need

You should know that some of these apps are free, but they have premium versions that you need to pay for. They are affordable for everyone cus premium versions are not expensive at all. Consider upgrading to the premium version so you could easier organize and pack for moving out.

Let’s start from the Move Advisor app

Move Advisor is one of the most used apps when it comes to organize and pack for moving out. This is a new app and we think it’s fabulous, this app has everything you need to have for simple organizing and packing for move out. You can find it in the App Store, Google Play, and also on Amazon. Move Advisor offers Moving Timeline. This is the most detailed week-by-week moving checklist in all of the moving organize apps.

Here you can find reputable moving companies such as Gibraltar Van Lines and many other companies. You can also find home inventory to virtually keep track of all your possessions room-by-room.

Google Keep, an old friend of organizing when moving out

Google Keep is a well-known application to all of us. It’s an ingenious app for organizing anything, but in the first place, this is your little virtual assistant for organizing and packing for moving out. Google Keep has a simple design, so everyone can use this app. Here you can write anything you have in mind now, and later Google Keep can remind you. You can make list to easier organize and pack. This app is completely free, and you can find it in Google Play Store.

By using this app, you can easily make arrangements and categorize your stuff by rooms


Sortly is one of the crucial apps when it comes to packing and sorting your things. When we talked about moving, we know that some steps you can avoid, but some of them absolutely can’t. Packing for moving out surely can’t avoid. Sortly is here for you if you wanna make a visual inventory of your house. Like its name says, with Sortly you can sort anything. You can sort things by group, room, box, location, etc.  This app is actually really simple for handling. Make folders, name folder for example ”kitchen” and then add photos of inventory in that room you want to take with you.

This app also offers a moving checklist, like many other apps. That week-by-week checklist is supposed to help you organize and pack for moving out, and it reminds you when you should start to pack certain things. Sortly has a premium version, it’s $4.99 monthly or $47,99 on year, and the good thing with Sortly is that you can try it for free, or pay for a premium version. You can find it both on the App Store or Google Play store.

Unpakt, the best help to organize and pack for moving out

Simply use this map to find verified moving companies near you

Unpakt is one of these apps that have everything you need in one place. This app is easy to use, and some people think this is a “complete online platform for planning, booking, and managing a move online”. Here you can find everything you need to organize and pack for move out.  Unpakt will find you a moving company, let you make a whole inventory of your house, book your mover. If you are planning to move for the first time, this is absolutely a good choice of app. Unpakt provides you an easy step-by-step approach. For example, you are from Hoboken NJ and you are moving to Verona NJ, the Unpakt app is going to find the best moving company Hoboken NJ, and compare the price with other moving companies.

Here, in Unpakt you can also find verified mover companies, verified by Unpakt, and their prices based on the detailed information you provide about the move. I love this app cus it’s simple to use and it’s absolutely free. You can find it on App Store or Google Play store


After you finished your packing, boxing, labeling, and finally moving, it’s time for cleaning. Yeah, you hear me well. Many people forgot that they will have to clean every inch of their new home. If you thought that is hard to organize and pack for move out, be ready for cleaning. If you are one of billion people who don’t like to clean, we present you Handy. With Handy, you can schedule move-out or move-in cleaning by reputable professionals. You can also book handyman services like furniture assembly, TV mounting, or picture hanging to help you settle into your new digs. The best choice is to let a professional cleaner do the job, so you can go and take some rest after hard work. Of course, you don’t need to worry about cleaning supplies, professionals have everything under control.

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