Activities to explore after moving to Glen Ridge, NJ

Moving includes many different steps. First, you’ll need to find a new place to live. Then, you’ll want to find appropriate movers Glen Ridge NJ for your relocation. Following that, you’ll have to handle the most difficult part: the actual preparation and relocation to your new home. But if you thought this is the end of it all, you’re terribly wrong. Relocation continues even after the movers leave. That’s when the most interesting part of relocation starts: settling into your new home and neighborhood. To aid you in that, you’ll want to find interesting activities to explore after moving to Glen Ridge. These can be fun ways to get to know the place, get your mind off of the stress of moving, and enjoy your new life.

Outdoor activities to explore after moving to Glen Ridge

Moving is a long and arduous process: from researching your moving and storage NJ options to unpacking the last box, you’ll be under a lot of pressure to get everything done in time. After that kind of stress, it’s always nice to find something relaxing yet invigorating to do. And spending time outside in nature is just what you need! Luckily, Glen Ridge has pretty good weather and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.

A park.
You’ll have a lot of beautiful parks to spend time in Glen Ridge.

Spend some time in one of the many beautiful parks

One of the many things that make Glen Ridge attractive are its many parks spread out over the entire borough. So when you’re looking for a place to bask in the sun for a bit, you’ll have all sorts of options to choose from. Some parks include recreation options like outdoor workout equipment and children’s corners. Others are suitable for picnics and barbecues. And all great when you need to just escape from the constraints of urban living and breathe in a bit of air.

Join a recreation group or sports team

Glen Ridge residents take their health and fitness seriously. There are many hiking and running trails as well as outdoor sports fields and public workout locations. But that is not all! Many people prefer to work out together or participate in team sports to stay in good condition. For this reason, there are many clubs you can join to find workout partners and groups or sports teams that will make staying fit fun. This will also be a great opportunity to make new friends after moving!

Family-friendly and fun activities to explore after moving to Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge is an excellent place for families. Safe, affluent, and with very highly rated public schools, it attracts many families with children. And if you’re moving to Glen Ridge with family, then you might be looking for something fun all of you can do together on the weekends. Don’t worry, Glen Ridge doesn’t disappoint in this area!

Family fun in the snow.
Glen Ridge is a great place to raise a family.

Adventures and games

Even if you hired the best long distance movers NJ has to offer and your relocation went off without a hitch, you’ve probably been under stress the last few weeks. A good way to release any pent up frustration and try something new might be learning how to throw an ax! Bury The Hatchet Axe Throwing Bloomfield gives you an opportunity to spend a unique couple of hours on this fun activity. But if you don’t want to get that physical, then perhaps an escape room, an adventure room or a mini-golf course might be more up your alley? Glen Ridge offers several places where you and your family can try your hand at any of those.

Museums, zoos, and other educational opportunities

Who says learning has to be boring? Fun activities for kids can be plenty educational too. So if you want to combine useful and interesting in one afternoon, you should perhaps consider the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo, the Montclair Art Museum, the Thomas Edison National Historical Park or one of the several reservations in the borough. Your kids will learn a lot and have a great time too!

Activities to explore after moving to Glen Ridge if you’re a social, party-loving person

For all that Glen Ridge is perfect for families, it’s more than just that. Plenty of single young professionals are packing for a move to Glen Ridge every year. Attracted by the good and growing job market, low average commute times, high median incomes, and proximity to NYC, young people often come to Glen Ridge looking for a place to build a nice life. And they’re often happy to find that they can still have a bit of fun in the evenings too.

People at a bar.
Have some fun over drinks with your new friends.

Go out for a nice meal

For such a small suburb, Glen Ridge offers a pretty wide variety of wining and dining options. From fast-food chains like Dunkin Donuts to small, locally-owned authentic ethnic cuisine restaurants to hipster coffee shops, you’ll find just about anything in the book here. So order in and have a lazy night in or have a quick bite to eat on your way to work; try a new type of coffee or book a table for a romantic dinner with a date at one of the many interesting dining spots. The world is your oyster!

Enjoy the nightlife

The nightlife in Glen Ridge is quite lively despite the densely suburban vibes of the place. So if you like dancing, drinking or partying, don’t worry. There’s plenty of nightlife to explore after moving to Glen Ridge! Look for themed parties among Facebook events or simply let your new friends take you out to a bar for some drinks. You’ll get to relax, let off some steam, and maybe even meet new people along the way. Finally, if Glen Ridge doesn’t satisfy you, New York is just a short ride away and that’s one city that never sleeps.

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