A to-do list for your first week after moving to Morristown

Once you relocate to your new address, a final stage of relocation begins. You’ll need to unpack everything and restore your daily routine as it was. It’ll take some time and effort to get done everything. Get ready and write down everything that needs to be done. To remember all tasks, make a to-do list for your first week after moving to Morristown. That way nothing will slip your mind and you’ll avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. Maybe you’ll want to store some of your items for several days longer. If you contact movers NJ, they’ll recommend short-term storage units. 

Set up all your utilities

Sometimes there is a gap between tenants, so the utilities have been shut down. First of all, inspect all the utilities in your new home. Then contact the competent services to set them up again. Make sure you check power, gas supply, water, sewer, and trash collection. Other than that, you might want to set up the services right away, like cable and internet. It can happen that your old providers don’t operate in your new neighborhood. In that case, you’ll need to choose other providers and sign up for new services. It’s wise to arrange all services before relocation. If not, try to do this the first week after moving to Morristown. 

First week after moving to Morristown set up your power..
Set up all your utilities and services.

Clean your new home and place the furniture

Before you start unpacking clean the place once again. It’s a lot easier to clean now than after you take out all your stuff. Mop the floors and especially pay attention to the bathroom and kitchen. If possible, clean once more after unpacking. Because there will be a lot of moving supplies to take out. Hopefully, you were aware of the new apartment layout long before the move. So that you could plan ahead of the look of your new living space. All that remains is to hire capable furniture movers NJ. If not, rotating and moving around furniture is easier right after you move in. While the rest of things are still crated and packed.

Change your address 

This is easy if your internet is already set up. Just visit the U.S. Post Office website and follow the instructions. However, if your internet is not functioning yet, just go to the nearest post office and register in person. You might want to contact some other government agencies like IRS or the Social Security Office to continue receiving important letters or payments. A change of your address may affect your taxes or business registration, so don’t prolong this task. If you need a commercial relocation, movers Morristown NJ are providing the best corporate moving services. 

A mail box in front of the house.
Try to change your address the first week after moving to Morristown.

Update all your important documents

This task may take some time to complete. Have in mind that some of this could take up to a month or so. So, start resolving paperwork issues as soon as possible. Some registrations can be done online, but some you need to finalize in person at the government agencies.

  • Maybe you’ll need to switch to another healthcare provider and select a new doctor. Then, transfer all your medical records for all family members. 
  • Now that you have moved to another place, with the help of movers Morris County NJ, your pooling place will change. So, make sure you update your voter registration. 
  • If you moved to another country, you’ll need to get a new license and register your car. The best is to inquire and see what steps you need to take. 
  • For any type of relocation, the common advice is to keep track of moving expenses receipts. IRS allows deduction of these expenses. For money refund, collect all receipts and prepare for submission. 

Inspect your new home

Right after you arrive, take photos of every room while still unpacked. Mark every flaw and problem that you find. This will serve as evidence of possible damage and it will ensure your deposit. This way you’ll know for sure if you are responsible for the specific damage. Once you do that start checking the AC unit, heater, and smoke detectors. It’s wise to fix and clean them right away since you can’t be sure about their previous maintenance. And keep maintaining them once and a while, for health and safety reasons. Another important thing you need to find is an electrical panel. Also, find water and gas shutoff valves. These things are good to know in case of an electrical malfunction or if something leaks. Write down where are the main valves and switches and keep the note in an accessible place. 

Unpack and organize your closets

It’s time to unpack and empty all those boxes and crates. Start with essentials like bed sheets, towels, a coffee maker, or whatever you think you’ll need the first day or two. You might not finish this during the first week, though. First of all, place boxes in belonging rooms, and then go one room at a time. That’s how you’ll avoid making clutter. While unpacking, organize your closets along the way. You’ll find to buy online closet organizers in all sorts and sizes. This part can be overwhelming, but you’ll feel better with every item put in its place. 

Organized closet with towels.
Organize your closets while you’re unpacking.

Check for damaged or missing items in your inventory 

This part of the unpacking is often overlooked. Still, it’s important to check if every item arrived undamaged. Especially if you hired professional movers so that you could make a  claim for lost and damaged items. Hopefully, you bought moving insurance before the move. You have 30 days to make a claim, and the moving company has usually 4 months to deny it or offer a settlement. 

Rate your movers and write a moving review

Finalize your post-move activities in the first week after moving to Morristown with a review of your moving company. That way you help your movers to improve and expand their service. Also, you’re going to help future customers to choose good and reliable movers. 

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