7 reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL

When your business has reached a certain level of success, you’ll undoubtedly want to consider expanding – perhaps even overseas one day. In reality, you should be thinking about worldwide expansion in today’s global market. The reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL are growing every day!

There is also interest from companies to :

  • expand their sales,
  • diversify their investments
  • introduce new products and services

Companies are largely motivated to grow their business in order to earn more, especially as the current coronavirus epidemic enters a new phase. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we believe that it’s not an easy decision. Therefore, our 7 reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL will make it a bit easier!

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Florida’s entrepreneurial culture is fueled by large and small businesses sharing knowledge and learning from one another.


 7 reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL

Some of the country’s most powerful corporations and finest minds are moving to Florida from NJ. Is it because of the steady market? Or the fast growing pace of local and international companies? There could be a number of reasons, but our list will hopefully help with the transition!

1.Pleasant weather and a high quality of life

It is warm and sunny most days of the year.  This not only makes it more pleasant, but it also means that you can schedule an outdoor event without worrying!
During the winter, there’s no need to shovel snow! It’s also rare to have to scrape ice off of anything, and there’s no need to bundle up in layers of winter clothing every time you go outside during the cooler months.

In addition, the state has some of the top restaurants, cultural attractions, and general quality of life in the country. Not to mention the island’s beautiful beaches. The fact that the state was able to reopen for business ahead of other major business hubs while dealing with the COVID-19 situation is just one of the positive sides to it. Florida’s education system has been substantially improved and the whole state’s infrastructure have resulted in a future-oriented atmosphere

2. Saving businesses during COVID-19

The Governor and his administration guaranteed that businesses could continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak .If you are looking for a safe way to relocate your business during these harsh times, we recommend that you make sure what exactly you want to move, and find the right company for it. Long distance movers from NJ to FL  will make the whole experience a lot simpler.


3. A reasonable price for everyone

While tax savings are a big reason, any relocation or expansion must have a thorough cost-benefit analysis. State and municipal tax advantages, as well as the availability of relatively inexpensive commercial space, are two of the key motivations of company migration to Florida.

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If you need more than 7 reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL, then you are already thinking in the right direction and this will help you with the right decision!

4.  Education and sports

There are 12 public institutions in the state. Including, six major medical schools, and several private colleges and universities that collaborate closely with industry to provide programs that meet the requirements of Florida’s businesses. Florida’s colleges and universities are among the best in the country in research and development (R&D) and technology commercialization.

Florida has some of the greatest sports teams in the country, from professional to collegiate sports. The Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars are the only professional football teams in Florida, although other states have one or two. The Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays are two professional baseball clubs in Florida. The Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic are two professional basketball teams based in Florida. Finally, the Florida Panthers and the Stanley Cup-winning Tampa Bay Lightning are two professional hockey teams in the state. Colleges such as the University of Florida and Florida State University have its own sports teams for students and alumni to support.

5. Economy and its growth

Florida is a major economic force in the United States. It is the country’s third-largest state in terms of population and fourth-largest economy. In fact, it outperforms all but 16 countries in terms of GDP. The economy of Florida is highly varied. It is renowned for tourism and agriculture, but it also has a strong and rising presence in industry clusters including Cleantech, Life Sciences, Infotech, Aviation/Aerospace, Logistics & Distribution, Defense/Homeland Security, Financial/Professional Services, Technology, and Manufacturing.


reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL
Find out why a large number of people is moving or expanding their business to Florida


6.  Theme parks and many attractive beaches

There are 825 miles of beaches in Florida to select from and many theme parks. They come in a variety of textures, from powdered smooth and white to hard-packed and flecked. International tourism journals and beach expert lists routinely rank Florida beaches among the best in the world. Each coastal paradise has its own character, from Pensacola to Daytona Beach to Siesta Key to Miami Beach.


7. Wide range of local business that will help you expand and improve yours!

Overall, reasons to expand your business from NJ to FL are numerous and while relocation has its risks, it may also be one of the most beneficial things you ever do for your company. When you relocate or grow your business to a new location, the chances are in your favor. The best thing you could do to aid that process is hiring a professional company  that will be there with you every step of the way! Our office movers are one of the most experienced moving professionals from NJ to FL  and they will provide you with professional and dependable service.

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