5 tips for moving into a high-rise apartment in NJ

The time has come for a change of scenery. You have decided to downsize and relocate to a high-rise apartment in Belleville, New Jersey and you have already booked Gibraltar Van Lines for your moving day. This will imply changing your lifestyle quite abruptly and might take some getting used to. Of course, there will be both upsides and downsides to your new way of life. For instance, you will have to learn to live without a garden and find an alternative space for your children and pets to play safely in. On the upside, an apartment is low-maintenance and you will be able to enjoy your morning coffee while gazing at a spectacular view of the city. Moving into a high-rise apartment certainly means dealing with many changes, therefore, to help with the transition, preparation is essential.

Decluttering before moving into a high-rise apartment is a must

Remember that downsizing your house to an apartment implies downsizing your furniture as well. Perceive moving into a high-rise residence as an opportunity to start afresh, to enter your new life with less clutter. Keep only your most precious and practical items, since big city dwellings aren’t really abundant when it comes to space. To rid yourself of all the unnecessary hodgepodge, organize a garage sale, donate, gift or sell anything that you can’t visualize in your new home.

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Decluttering is essential when moving into a high-rise apartment

Additionally, make sure that all you want to keep will actually fit into your new space. It’s a good idea to get a floor plan of the apartment. Measure the bulkiest furniture carefully and decide whether it will make the final cut. You can also make copies of the floor plan and draw where you want your furniture. You can make various options and choose the one you like best. This will help you organize more quickly when you move in.

Hire an insured moving company

Most likely, building regulations require hiring an insured moving company. This protects the building from potential damages. It would also be great if you could obtain proof of insurance. In addition, a DIY move might be prohibited, so hiring professional movers Belleville NJ is a good idea on more levels.

In addition, having a reputable moving company to rely on will save you a lot of trouble. They are already trained and skilled at moving into a high-rise building and can probably provide much-needed advice. Not to mention that the chance of mishaps occurring will be brought to a minimum.

Moving into a high-rise apartment needs planning ahead

To ensure a quick and easy move, it’s advisable to plan ahead. Packing is obviously the biggest point on the “to do” list, so make sure you use appropriate packing supplies, such as moving boxes or packing peanuts, especially to protect the most fragile items. And don’t forget to label the boxes. It would be useful to make a moving inventory – it will serve as a checklist on the day of the move, and it will speed up the unpacking process after you have moved into your brand new high-rise apartment.

A very important, and often overlooked, thing to do is check the width of the doors to see if the largest piece of furniture can go through. If not, you will need a hoisting service, booked in advance. Moving companies Essex County NJ offer different services and will definitely be able to help you with that. Also, you should reserve a parking space for the moving truck near the entrance to your new residence.

Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your new high-rise building

You have to be aware of the fact that buildings in cities have special rules and regulations. Relocating into a new residence is hard enough, surely you don’t want to accidentally break some of the rules and start off on the wrong foot with your new neighbors. Moreover, you want to do everything in your power to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Here are some things you need to find out:

  • What is the time you can move in – high-rise buildings usually have special times during the day when it’s allowed to move in or out.
  • Which elevator to use for the move – check if there is a freight elevator. You will probably have to reserve it.
  • What is the pet policy – some buildings have a “no pet” policy or restrictions regarding the number of pets per apartment.
  • Rules for renovation – should you need to renovate your high-rise apartment, find out what time of day you can do the works, who you should notify, etc.
  • Are there any restrictions – perhaps there are some limitations regarding the usage of common areas, visitors, etc.
  • When are trash pickup days?
  • What is storage and parking situation?
Dogs moving into a high-rise apartment
Check what the pet policy is in your new high-rise residence

Take care of all your paperwork before relocating to your new high-rise residence

Remember that when you are moving into a high-rise apartment, it’s not only you and your stuff that needs to relocate. There are a lot of administrative things which need taking care of. First things first, make sure you have signed the lease or closed the purchase, depending on whether you’re renting the apartment or buying. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises. Secondly, change your address officially, so that your mail can find you. Perhaps most importantly, transfer your medical and school records to the facilities in Belleville NJ. Next, don’t forget to cancel your subscriptions. New owners of your house might not like extra rubbish. Finally, collect all your personal documentation and financial records to bring with you.

paperwork for moving into a high-rise apartment
Deal with all the necessary paperwork before the move

You have ensured that moving into a high-rise apartment in NJ is going to be smooth sailing. So what should you do after you have finally arrived? Well firstly, befriend your neighbors. No matter how excited you are about the move, things are going to be hard at the beginning. You have moved further from your friends and you will need new ones. Try to get involved in community activities. It will help you adjust and forget about loneliness. You will also learn about all the splendors of your new city. By interacting with people, you will find out where to do your shopping and generally how life functions there. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your new life.

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