5 maintenance tasks to take care of this fall

Moving house is not just about transporting your stuff from one place to another. It usually takes a lot of work in your new home once you arrive. Unless you made an excellent deal and bought a house or apartment that is spotless and needs no additional work at all. But that is rarely the case. Even if the previous owners told you no maintenance work is required, there is always something. Painting the walls, taking care of the lawn, remodeling the garage. So after your movers Morristown NJ drop your things off, it is time for a detailed home inspection in the days to come. It is better that you prepare for the maintenance tasks to take care of than to expect otherwise. People who are not first-time home-owners are already aware of what moving to new house means and what kind of works lay ahead.

The most frequent maintenance tasks you would need to take care of

The type of maintenance tasks will depend on the type of your new home. Apartments, of course, require less work and when they do, it is mostly related to the interior of the home. When living in an apartment it is important to check for signs of mold or mildew. If there are any, you will need to take care of it and then do some painting over. Air vents would probably be your next stop. If you own AC, you need to check all the entries and exits so the air circulation is not clogged anywhere. Maintenance tasks you need to take care of in your house are a whole another story. From roofs and gutters to cleaning chimneys. A lot of dirty work that someone eventually needs to do. During some of the maintenance works you will need services of moving and storage NJ moving companies provide.

Cleaning of the gutters, downspouts, and chimneys

These are some of the so-called dirty maintenance tasks we mentioned before. Some of these you can do on your own, but for some, we recommend calling a professional. The purpose of all of these cleanings is to prevent any damage in the future. So, for example, if you have clogged chimneys, that can result in a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. These are very serious things so call a professional chimney sweeper, rather than trying to do it on your own. With gutters and downspouts, it is just common sense. A lot of dirt and leaves can jam in there, so if you just ignore it, it can cause trouble once the autumn rain begins, or even the snow in the winter. Gutters will fill up with a mixture of water and dirt and leaves, creating a thick mass, preventing water to run its regular way.

Rain downpour over the roof and water gutter
If you leave your gutters uncleaned the water will fill up at the first sign of the rain and start spilling up outside

Checking the roof as one of the maintenance tasks to take care of

Strong winds and heavy rains and snow can affect the state of your roof. It is enough if a few tiles are blown away by the wind, or just move several inches. This will create holes that will allow water to ingress and that can then have further bad implications. The roof is what protects your home from outside influence, so make sure not to forget fixing it, in case of damage, before the bad weather kicks in.

Check and clear the air vents and filters

One of the maintenance tasks to take care of before the cold weather is inspecting your air vents. Try and vacuum all the dust and debris that might have piled up during the last couple of months. Change your air filter before you start up the furnace for the heating season. It is said that good practice is to change the filter every three months. This is especially important if you are moving a business and opening an office in the city. Take care of the air vents before your office movers NJ arrive with all your office inventory.

Air vent that need to be checked as a part of maintenance tasks to take care of before the winter
Change your air filters and clean the vents and all the openings to prevent mold from appearing

Protect the water lines – maintenance task easy for even those not tool handy

A lot of the water pipeline is actually in the exterior walls of your house. Why is this important fact? During the winter pipes can freeze and if there is water in them, they can explode. The explosion would probably result in a flood, something you really don’t want to happen during cold weather. Just wrap the water supply lines with insulation made especially for this purpose. An even better solution would be wrapping the lines with heat tape.

An obligatory maintenance task to take care of is checking your safety devices

The majority of homes in the USA have smoke detectors, it is really a common thing to have in your apartment or house. Another really important safety device is a carbon monoxide detector. The batteries in these detectors should be changed twice a year. But if you want to make sure they are working, we suggest testing them monthly. These checks will go a long way in preventing some really bad things to happen to you or your family. Also, all of these checks are mandatory if you are preparing your home for an open house.

A smoke detector
One of the very important maintenance tasks is testing and checking your safety devices

The importance of maintenance tasks you need to take care of each year

The above-mentioned five maintenance tasks to take care of are just some of the many. House owners know how much you need to invest in it, and not just financially. If you want your house to look and feel like a home you need to take good care of it. Regularly mow the lawn, rake the fallen leaves from it, or even spreading it over the grass as some sort of protection from the winter. A lot of fixing, cleaning, testing, remodeling, etc is just the top of the hill if you live in the house. Some of the regular maintenance tasks are just a thing of good looks, but some are really protection from floods, fires, or some other sort of damage.

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