5 items you should move from your attic to self storage

Since we are living in a consumer society, in time, our homes have become crowded with things. We are buying more and more things and then we are trying to find where to put them. Most of us just put things in boxes and then we put them away in the attic. However, that is not a good idea, according to roofing professionals. They warn us about items you should move from your attic to self storage. Those can even cause your roof to age prematurely. So think twice before you fill your attic with these objects. Storage units are a great alternative for items you don’t want in your attic. Inquire with movers NJ about their storage services.

Why is not good to use your attic as a storage place?

Every roof master will explain to you why you shouldn’t store your items in the attic. It may surprise you, but the reason is safety. Piling of stuff may prevent natural air ventilation of your roof. As a result of bad ventilation, mildew and mold can appear. That can cause health issues, especially in children. As for the stored items, they can decay due to humidity. Not to mention that this can cause ice dams on the roof in the winter. Which can cause a leak in your roof. Considering all of this, renting a storage unit sounds great. You might want to check your options with storage Montclaire NJ and find the right unit for your needs. Here are 5 items you should move from your attic to self-storage.

cardboard boxes are one of the items you should move from your attic to self storage
Don’t keep cardboard boxes in your attic.

1. Cardboard boxes

Rule number 1 – no cardboard boxes in the attic. There are several reasons why you should avoid storing boxes in the attic. The minimum exposure to moisture can soften your boxes. They can even completely fall apart and their content can be exposed to heat and dampness. Not to mention that cardboard and glue used for assembling the box are a true feast for the pest. Avoid keeping any paper or cardboard in the loft. It’s always a better way to store things in solid and sealed boxes if you have to. Especially if you keep your antiques in the loft, don’t keep them in the cardboard boxes. Consider hiring professionally trained antique movers for relocating your arts and renting the storage unit.

2. Old wooden furniture

Try as hard as you can to resist the urge to put your old sofa in the attic or garage. You’ll regret it as soon as you try to park your car in a garage and there is not enough place. As for the attic, chunky furniture can disrupt a natural airflow and cause condensation. Due to humidity, your sofa can smell musty, not to mention dust and cobwebs. Also, wooden items can warp due to humidity. Or it can even crack because of the temperature fluctuations. Attic conditions are not suitable for varnished furniture either. There is no adequate protection to protect your furniture in the loft. Hire a long distance movers NJ and move your items to a safer place, such as a storage unit.

An old bed in the in old dark room
A mattress is one of the items you should move from your attic to self storage.

3. Toys and baby things

It’s pretty much clear why you shouldn’t keep baby stuff in the attic. It’s not clean enough, it’s not healthy and it’s the worst idea you can think of. Yes, children’s outgrown things are piling up so fast but the attic is not the right place to keep them. They’ll take on that specific odor which is hard to remove later. Besides that, you risk mice biting through boxes and nesting in baby clothes. So if you plan to keep toys and clothes for another baby, don’t leave them in the attic. Storage units are much more suitable for items you’re planning to reuse later. When the time comes to use them again, they’ll be as good as new.

4. Collector’s items and antiques

Creating collections demands some serious devotion and a lot of time and money. The last thing you want to see is your valuable compilation going to waste. Avoid at all costs using the attic as storage for valuables and collections. Temperature fluctuations and dampness can cause serious damage to your items. A much better solution is to get archival boxes for storing photos, VHS tapes, stamps, letters, etc. As far as antiques are concerned, climate-controlled storage units are the first choice. Only then you can be sure your valuables are safe and protected from the elements.

framed butterfly collection on the grey wall
Always keep all your valuables and antiques in a safe and secure place.

5. Flammable substances

It may seem to you that the attic is perfect for keeping bulky cans with paint. But think again, because there’s no worse place for storing such flammable things. Lofts tend to get very hot, especially during the summer seasons. Temperature can get so high that oil-based paint can easily burst into flames. The same goes for gasoline, cleaning products, turpentine, and such. Instead, store them in some dry place, away from the source of heat.

In addition to those listed avoid keeping these items in the loft:

  • Books and important documents
  • Clothes and delicate fabrics
  • Food and wine
  • Electronics
  • Decorations and candles

Move your items from the loft to a self-storage

As we said before, attics are not a good choice for storing things. If you don’t have a spare room or pantry, you can rent a self-storage. Storage units are a great solution for all these items you use from time to time. They are cool and dry, and your items will be safe and secure in them. We already listed items you should move from your attic to self storage. But what can you keep in the attic? You can safely store things like gardening tools, ski equipment, kitchen utensils, etc. In short, only things that are fire and moisture resistant. However, storage units are always the best choice.

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