Piano Movers Essex County, NJ

Piano Movers in Essex County, NJ

If you need piano movers in Essex County, NJ?, Gibraltar Van Lines has more than 40 years of experience providing quality and efficient moves for all types of pianos including antique, upright, spinet, console, concert grand and more. Pianos can be a difficult belonging to move because of their size and fragile nature. Our expert movers have the knowledge and experience to safely transport your piano to your new home without a single scratch.

Whether you are moving locally or relocating to another state, our professional piano movers in Essex County, NJ assure that your piano is safely transported and settled in to your new home. Our professional movers are aware of the craftsmanship that goes into a piano, and that they are both an instrument and piece of art. When we pack and move your piano, our attention to detail and careful methods make sure that your piano is safely cushioned and carefully placed within our truck. We are committed to your satisfaction and pride ourselves on delivering your belongings, including your piano, to your new residence without any incident. When in the care of our piano movers in Essex County, NJ, you can trust that your piano will be transported with the upmost care and efficiency, offering you peace-of-mind and one less thing to worry about during a move.

Our moving company also specializes in piano packing. We carry a variety of packing materials including foam-layered covering and moving pads that will add a protective layering to individual pieces. We promise to safely pack, load, unload, unpack and reassemble your piano in your new home in the same exact condition we found it in.

For more information on our piano movers in Essex County, NJ, call Gibraltar Van Lines today at 1-800-262-3499.

Gibraltar Van Lines - Your trusted piano movers in Essex County, NJ

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  • " Outstanding job, Quick and efficient above and beyond what we expected. John and his crew were more helpful and very professional. Moving our furniture and equipment from my Bloomfield building to Clifton was no walk in the park!
    Honestly, I don't know how they managed to get some of the furniture and equipment through the doorways!! Very accommodating with a positive can do attitude. Everything got in!!!!!!
    Would fully recommend, and definitely use again!
    Again ,John & Crew, thank you for a great job!! "

  • " Outstanding job by the crew from Gibraltar movers. They moved our belongings from NY to SC and did so efficiently and professionally. While the whole crew on both moves did a great job, Ira was involved in both sides of the move and did an exceptional job with all the packing and unpacking. Many thanks for a job well done! "

  • " moving your precious items is nerve racking. The estimate is just that. An ESTIMATE. so don't be surprised once your stuff is weighed in, that you will pay a little more. In my particular case, I was offered the option to pay cash and to my delight, a wire transfer is considered cash. I was discounted $900.00. Every one at the office would respond to my emails or calls immediatel. if I had a question about the storage place they were headed to, to make sure the 18 wheeler fit on the grounds, the driver kept in touch with me, so that I knew when he would get there and assured me there were no problems... "

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Piano Movers Essex County, NJ